Episode 18 - Sunday January 23, 7pm - Facebook Live

The Sunday Night Smile is brought to you by the Emma Munson Foundation as a way to keep us connected and celebrate life around us. Think of it like a video newsletter that will highlight good things happening in our world, celebrate music and art and help promote our helping to take care of others.

Oh, and a way to give us all another smile.

Special Thanks to the following for helping to make Episode 18 possible:

Drew Martier and Dan Burda - our own Rat Pack - for crooning for us all LIVE from our back porch - we love you guys!

Doreen Martier-Solomon for helping us solve the GLASS RECYCLING problem - Small Moves, Big Impact

Check out the Pennsylvania Resource Council for more info!

Thanks to the Internet for the videos that we used to help make us all feel the emotions of the human condition, you can find the original videos that we used at these links:
Steph Curry & Rudy Mancuso - for the start of year encouragement,
Kid President - for "The Story of Martin Luther King Jr."
The Maccabeats and Naturally 7 - for their timeless rendition of "Shed A Little Light"

If you like what you saw (or didn't and want to help give us feedback) - please leave comments on Facebook/Instagram or email us at info@EmmaMunsonFoundation.com - we'd love to hear from you.

...and we plan to return for EP19 on February 20th to share some smiles and more LIVE Music with you all!

Much Love to you all!

Denise & Michael Munson