Episode 14 - Sunday September 19, 7pm - Facebook Live

The Sunday Night Smile is brought to you by the Emma Munson Foundation as a way to keep us connected and celebrate life around us. Think of it like a video newsletter that will highlight good things happening in our world, celebrate music and art and help promote our helping to take care of others.

Oh, and a way to give us all another smile.

Special Thanks to the following for helping to make Episode 14 possible:

Drew Martier and Dan Burda for walking the tightrope and doing "Total Request Live" - it takes guts to field requests from the audience and we hope you enjoyed the show! Thanks too for Kim Kittle for joining the boys! We LOVE you guys!

Quinn Volpe for adding an acoustic element to the show and for sharing her gifts with us - all we can say is WOW!

Doreen Martier-Solomon for stealing the show and helping us all recognize our power by making small every day choices to help #LoveYourMother and do the right thing by making sustainable decisions every day. Oh, and for kicking Mike off the stage. ;)

Mark Bezilla and his brother Eric - for their inspiration as they spent the last 11 years showing the world how we can and should take care of each other. We only get one shot at life and making the most of it by doing good makes us say Well Done!

The sisters of Alpha Gamma Delta at Gannon University for sharing their GIVE (Gannon's Invitation to Volunteer Everywhere) Day with our foundation as we help show some Love to our Mother and cleanup what others have left behind. We LOVE YOU GALS!

If you like what you saw (or didn't and want to help give us feedback) - please leave comments on Facebook/Instagram or email us at info@EmmaMunsonFoundation.com - we'd love to hear from you.

...and we plan to return for EP15 on October 24th to share some smiles and more LIVE Music with you all!

Much Love to you all!

Denise & Michael Munson